• Train. Sweat. Learn.

    Train. Sweat. Learn.

    The purpose of this 4-week program is to get teens moving and learning about how they can design an effective workout to suit their fitness goals (e.g., improve general strength, improve athletic performance, increase cardiovascular fitness). Each week, teens will participate in different types of physical activity programs including: high intensity interval training (HIIT), strength

  • We Are Primal: Olivia’s Story

    For Olivia, the decision to live an active lifestyle was clear, but finding a gym where she felt at home seemed challenging. She knew that her comfort zone was where personal development would grind to a halt, and she wanted a community with a healthy atmosphere that would also keep pushing her past her limits.

  • Happy Holidays From Primal Movement!

    Happy holidays to everyone! Thank you to our members for making 2017 a great year. There’s still a few days left in it, which means plenty of opportunity to get here and do your thing. Below you’ll find our holiday hours. Don’t let all the feasts keep you on the couch for too long. We

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