• We’re introducing a new series to the Primal Gym blog: Team Training Feature Members!

    We all see people in the gym and talk to maybe 10% of them, but with these posts you will be able to learn something about your fellow members and maybe discover you share an interest with them. We hope to inspire everyone to become better connected, learn something new about a classmate or fellow gym member and see what other challenges people are facing when they step foot in the gym every day.

    Our first member being introduced to this series is the member formerly known as Jennifer Titchner. If you’ve been to primal movement in the last 6 month (maybe longer) then you’ve noticed this team training warrior! Jen has been training fast and furious in preparation for her wedding which happened this October. Whether it be early morning cardio sessions or grinding it out to win points in team training JZ as she is now affectionately referred to, always works hard and brings a fantastic attitude every time she steps through the doors of Primal Gym.

    Check out Jen’s amazing shots from our Primal Gym photo shoot courtesy of our friends over at NYB Media.
    JZ RingsJZ SledJZ TRX Pike












    We caught up with Jenn to get her thoughts, opinions, ideas about Primal Gym and all things fitness related. We hope you and enjoy.

    PM: How long have you been a member at Primal?

    JZ: Since May 2012 – 2 ½ Years

    PM: What were your goals when you joined Primal Gym?

    JZ: Other than the obvious reasons of wanting to stay in shape and feeling good about my body, my main goal was to find a gym that I could stick with for longer than 6 months.

    PM: What’s your weekly gym schedule like?

    JZ: Right before my wedding I was going every morning at 6 am for mobility and cardio and every evening at 6 pm for team training, as well as on Saturdays. Since the wedding I have dropped the workouts down to about 8/week. I still participate in a few team training classes a week, and throw in a cardio session when I find some time. 10+ workouts a week is hard to maintain!

    PM: Favourite exercise?

    JZ: Anything with the sled – sled push, sled pull, plank sled pull etc.

    PM: What is your least favourite exercise? One that when you see it on the board your stomach sinks?

    JZ: Clean and press or snatches – I can’t get into the Olympic lifting!

    PM: We have 2015 lurking around the corner, what are your fitness goals for the upcoming year?

    JZ: More strength based training. I want to improve on my back squat, dead lifts and bench press. My ultimate goal would be to run a half marathon, so another short term goal would be to improve my cardio.

    PM: What exercise has been the hardest one to overcome (one that you used to be bad at, but now enjoy seeing the improvement)?

    JZ: Pull ups for sure. I started out doing pull ups with two bands, graduated to one band, and then no band, and was eventually able to do unassisted ring pull ups! Such an amazing feeling.

    PM: Favourite song to workout too?

    JZ: The entire Kanye West Graduation album

    PM: Favourite workout brand?

    JZ: Lululemon and Nike

    PM: Any supplements you currently take to help with your workouts or recovery?

    JZ: Occasionally I take Vega protein powder, but other than that I just take an array of vitamins to stay healthy. (*Don’t forget we carry all the great Vega products at Primal Gym, give us a call or stop by if you have any questions)

    PM: What sports did you play growing up?

    JZ: Soccer, horseback riding, diving, field hockey

    PM: What are you actively involved in outside the gym?

    JZ: Haha good question – Other than work, I basically live at the gym! Throw in a cottage weekend and hanging out with my family/friends/new husband, and that’s my life in a nutshell.

    PM: What’s your fondest memory of Primal Gym?

    JZ: It’s hard to pick just one. I think the best thing about Primal is the support. All summer I was training extremely hard for my wedding and I was constantly being pushed, encouraged and supported by everyone at the gym. I felt like I had my own little cheering squad behind me every day as I overcame obstacles and pushed myself harder than I ever have before.

    PM: For someone new or interested in the gym what would you tell them to get them in the door?

    JZ: The minute you walk in the door you feel welcome. The environment allows you to train hard, but also feel comfortable to just hang out with your friends. The team training facilitates a little friendly competition, but more importantly, everyone supports and encourages each other to push themselves beyond their limits. Also, the equipment here is different than what you’d find at a typical big box gym. We flip tires, climb ropes and push the sled, which helps to keep the workouts really interesting.

    PM: What do you hope to see change/improve at Primal Gym?

    JZ: More advanced team training classes! A lot of the regulars in team training have been at the gym for a long time and I think a lot of us are ready to take our training up a notch.

    PM: Favourite post workout meal?

    JZ: Eggs!! I try to make omelettes but I have no patience so it always just ends up being “eggs with stuff”.

    Thank you to Jen for taking the time to chat with us and to all of you for reading! If you have someone at Primal Gym you would like to be interviewed next let us know. Also if you have any questions related to the gym, our memberships, our culture or anything to do with the world of health, fitness and wellness please leave a comment and we will check in periodically to reply!

    All the best and happy training. The new year is just around the corner and as the saying goes… new year, new you. Let us help.

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