• Welcome back to our Team Training Member Sit Down featuring Matt Bryce!

    Our second interview is with long time Primal member Matt Bryce. When Matt isn’t cheering on his Cleveland sports teams or out representing Nike you can find him either on the golf course or in the gym working up a sweat. Matt is the model of consistency when reaching his goals in the gym, and a fantastic team training partner.

    Matt B BoxingMatt B ClimbMatt B Portrait 

    Primal Gym: How long have you been a member at Primal?

    Matt Bryce: 15 amazing ass-kicking months.

    PM: What were your goals when you joined Primal Gym?

    MB: I wanted to lose bodyfat and gain muscle…plus slamming a giant hammer into a tire is a great stress reliever after work!

    PM: What does your weekly gym schedule look like?

    MB: I go to group class at least 4 times a week and mix in a few individual workouts when I have time.

    PM: Favourite exercise?

    MB: Pull ups: underhand, wide-grip, neutral grip…I love ’em all! I begin and end every training session with sets of pull ups.

    PM: What is your least favorite exercise? One that when you see it on the board your stomach sinks?

    MB: Walking lunges…come’on, nobody likes lunges!! (*We have a feeling they’ll now be in his future)

    PM: With 2015 lurking around the corner, what are your fitness goals for the upcoming year?

    MB: I want to try and reach two goals: 180lbs and 9% BF (*Body Fat Percentage)

    PM: What exercise has been the hardest one to overcome (one that you used to be bad at, but now enjoy seeing the improvement)?

    MB: Sled pushes…they used to knock me on my butt, but now I like pushing myself for more weight and a faster time!

    PM: Favourite song to workout too?

    MB: Invincible by MGK (*for your listening pleasure – https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=BnFr4MP7Tjo )

    PM: Favourite workout brand? 

    MB: Really???? I obviously love working out in Pro Combat gear by Nike (*We had to throw in a trick question to test your loyalty, c’mon Matt)

    PM: What sports did you play growing up?

    MB: What sports didn’t I play growing up?? I’ve always loved playing football…and golf is a huge part of my life and I’ve turned it into my career

    PM: What is your fondest memory at Primal Gym?

    MB: It’s always the same great sense of accomplishment following a group class…especially if I’ve won the “Finisher” (*First class is always on us at Primal, make sure you sign up today to see if you can steal a finisher point from Matt!)

    PM: For someone new or interested in the gym, what would you tell them to get them in the door?

    MB: “Today is a chance to change yourself for the better” (stolen from a Nike ad)

    PM: What do you hope to see change/improve at Primal Gym?

    MB: I’d like to see Thomas change from wearing toe-shoes to wearing Nike’s…I know a guy that can help.

    PM: Favourite post workout meal?

    MB: Everything! After working out I’m always hungry for a protein shake before dinner, and then chicken breasts with steamed broccoli and asparagus is always a go to.

    Matt B Warrior Ropes

    Thank you for your time Matt, we know your insight is going to help someone’s journey. Stay tuned for more member interviews and if you have questions you’d like us to ask our other Team Training members, email us at [email protected] and it may appear in upcoming features! (all bracketed sections in Matt’s response were replies done post interview = (*))


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