• For Olivia, the decision to live an active lifestyle was clear, but finding a gym where she felt at home seemed challenging.

    She knew that her comfort zone was where personal development would grind to a halt, and she wanted a community with a healthy atmosphere that would also keep pushing her past her limits.

    In a world of barbells and biceps, where meatheads and gym bros are often the norm, she was searching for a place to connect with other down to earth fitness enthusiasts, both men and women from all walks of life.

    Both the instructors and members at Primal took the time to show her the ropes and encourage her to go beyond her limits, and she built lasting friendships and newfound confidence in her life outside the gym.

    The community and culture has made all the difference. Friends keeping her accountable showing up to classes, and on track to her personal fitness goals. This support network has been a big help on days when motivation might be lacking.

    This is her story.

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