• Primal Profile – Team Canada Edition: Kaitlin Tse

    We here at Primal just wanted to take a moment to congratulate one of our hard working athletes.

    Congratulations Kaitlin

    Team Canada U-18

    Four month ago Kaitlin Tse came to Primal with one goal in mind, to play hockey for Team Canada’s U-18 squad and we are happy to say that goal has been reached! ¬†Last week Kaitlin was informed she will indeed have the chance to represent her country this season as a part of Team Canada’s U-18 women’s team and we here at Primal could not be more proud of her. We have seen the time and sweat she has invested in this goal, she had to learn new skills and exercises all while competing against a higher level of player and met every challenge head on. We have no doubt that Kaitlin will succeed at this level she is a hard worker with a great attitude and a true love for the game of hockey.

    Words cannot describe what an accomplishment this is for a young athlete, but we wanted to make sure that we mentor and encourage the future of sports here in Canada.

    So with that being said congratulations Kaitlin and keep up the hard work this season we can’t wait to see what this season and the future have in store for you.


    The Primal Gym Team