• Primal Movement Muscle Beach 2014:Part 1

      On Saturday June 7th we had some dedicated Primal members joined us down at the beach on a beautiful Saturday morning to heat up the sand with some battle ropes, kettle bells and quick feet. The workout consisted of: Farmer Walks superset with Atomic TRX push ups Kettlebell Swings superset with Ladder Runs Jump

  • About Primal

    Primal Gym’s concept was born from a desire to break free from the confines of the traditional gym setting and adopt a new approach on fitness focused around functional training and primal movement patterns. We are independently owned and operated and strive to promote a supportive community of fitness and training enthusiasts. We are the

  • Our Philosophy

    Through a holistic approach, creativity in program design and versatility in exercise implementation, Primal Gym excels in helping people of all levels and ages with lifestyle changes and achieving their desired fitness goals.

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